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My first passion in life was dance. I danced since a very young age and was a member of several dance groups. Raising a family of three beautiful daughters had led me to translate my creative outlet from dance to painting.I studied art with the late Dr. Alex Vilumsons. I learned to admire his wisdom and philosophies. Painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, I later joined the group he formed, Artist Co-op 7. The group was founded mainly for the purpose of developing artists' personal growth. Challenging each other and being there for one another played an important role in this process.I am a member of the art panel of Artist Co-op 7, and have taken an active role in their teaching program. I have been teaching watercolor painting at Every Woman's Village, as well as at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles for the past twenty years. I also exhibit throughout Los Angeles and Europe.










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