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"I draw most of my inspirations from nature. It doesn't mean that I paint what I see, but it is the shapes, the colors or the texture that attract my attention and force me to take my first step into creating my next piece.

There are many ways to go about creating art, and one is no better than the other.  The more challenges artists have to face in creating their art, the more opportunities arise for new discoveries.  I feel the need to constantly experiment and diversify the way in which I work.  I believe that each painting is an independent journey that will never repeat itself and that each piece is an essential part of my creative process.


To balance between ones emotions and ones Knowledge is a challenge.  Although it is safer to plan your creation ahead of time, often I find myself using the expressions of my emotions as a beginning point.  After that, comes the graphic knowledge. Other times I plan my space and then bring my emotions to play with my choice of colors. I think that the best way is to go back and forth between the two.


All of us have different ways of seeing things. Our spirit, personality, intellect, physical ability and life experiences vary from one to another. Therefore, our ability to create and to view art is diverse."

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